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Liz La Force
Healer, Coach & Speaker on Ibiza

“There is nothing in life that makes me feel more happy, than to see others lighten up”

It is our right as a human being to be happy.
Still most of us do not experience this.

Somehow, during our life we have lost contact with this happiness inside of our self.

Healing can help you to be reconnected with this inner source of happiness again.

Liz La Force is a natural born healer. Her healing session are not based on a certain method. Although she has learnt different kind of healings: o.a. Acupuncture, Reiki, Matrix Energetics and Reconnection. She “just” allows the healing energy to flow through her.
Intuitively she “knows” exactly what to do during a session.
She is guided to re-activate your highest potential and with her gift to read your body, mind and/or soul, she is able to remove the cause of your barrier(s).

Next to the healing she also offers coaching.
Liz has a background of training and coaching in business and educational institutes and has been teaching at a coaching institute for several years.
In the coaching sessions she listens with her heart and asks the questions that come to her while listening. These questions will eventually lead to the answers inside of yourself.
The coaching will provide you with practical tools and insights for further self-development and growth in empowerment, focus and authenticity.
The combination of healing with coaching is therefore very powerful.

You can choose to combine a healing session with coaching or book them separately.

Liz has her practice at her house in San Carlos, but she can also visit you at your house, boat or hotel.

Sessions per skype or long distance healings are also available.
HEALING MEDITATION with Liz Laforce at Agroturismo CAN MARTI on Thursdays

Thursdays Summer 2015 from 10.30 - 11.30 hrs

Every Thursday Dutch born healer & coach Liz Laforce invites you to an english spoken HEALING MEDITATION in the beautiful tranquil surrounding of Agroturism Can Marti.
This special healing meditation will help you reconnect with your own inner (healing) power.
Liz Laforce loves teaching you to be(come) your own spiritual master and healer through divers meditation and healing techniques.

Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day,
teach him how to fish and he can eat his whole life time.

* Classes can be attended separately - 10 euro per class.

Healing and Coaching Sessions by Liz la Force
Liz La Force
Healer, Coach & Speaker
- Healing Sessions
   - Coaching Sessions
* at home, boat or hotel
1 hr.: 75 €
1,5 hrs 90 €
5 sessions: 300 €

skype: lizlaforce
mobile: +34-603 200 862